My Home Visiting Service allows me to come to you in the privacy of your own home. The information I provide is up to date and evidence based. I can help you with both Post Natal and Ante Natal issues such as:


Post Natal

*   Positioning and attachment difficulties

*   Sore Nipples
*   Low/over-supply
*   Slow weight gain
*   Breast refusal

*   Mastitis, blocked ducts, thrush

*   Expressing breastmilk

*   Fussy babies

*   Nipple shields

*   Understanding and parenting your new born

Ante Natal:

There is often lots of information about the birth in the antenatal period but not much about the feeding. I can provide you with education and guidance about breastfeeding before your baby arrives.  If you have had a previous difficult breastfeeding experience, this is also a great opportunity to gain support prior to your baby arriving.

Home Visits

Contact Me

If you would like to arrange an appointment or learn more about what my services can help you with, please feel free to get in touch

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